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We don't all believe exactly the same things. In fact, Christian belief takes a variety of forms and while we all believe that we are "correct," we recognize that many sincere Christians have different beliefs than we do. The important thing, the definitive belief of Christians is not what we believe so much as it is who we believe in - the Son of God, Jesus Christ. We are not reconciled to God and each other (the goal of Christianity) by believing the right facts, but by trusting that Jesus has already reconciled us to God and each other. We can debate the finer points of how Jesus did this, but our belief that Jesus has accomplished this is all that we need. We only need to trust Jesus. That is it! It is so simple.

Trust may be simple, but it does not always come easily, it is earned and it requires personal experience with the one that we trust. Come join us and we will share with you our experience with Jesus, our experience of trusting in Jesus and we will help you to experience this trust for yourself.