Begin the Journey

Journey scaled.jpg

Life is a journey. We are all traveling along, some of us with purpose and a clear destination while others of us are not so sure where the path will lead. No matter how sure we are of our intended destination, we all experience detours, road blocks, and we all take a wrong turn from time to time. However, we do not need to take this journey alone and we all benefit from guides and companions on our journey. And let us not forget that any road trip is more fun with friends!

Our journey follows the lead of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Jesus gives our lives purpose, hope, and joy. Jesus frees us from bondage to self, from needless anxiety, and from hopelessnes. Jesus frees us for loving service, joyous relationships, and a clear purpose for our lives. The early church was called The Way in recognition of the journey that we all take toward wholeness, we seek to follow that Way.

At Hanna United Methodist Church we will accompany you on your journey as you accompany us on ours. We are all seeking the path of growth in love and faith. We are all journeying toward the promised land - a deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ and deeper relationships with our families, friends, and co-workers. Journey with us and experience the joy of new life, new purpose, and experience all the good that God wants for your life.