Company's Coming

11/29/2020 - 1/3/2021

Who doesn’t like Advent, the season of preparing for Christmas? It is a season of excitement and anticipation and joy. Lots and lots of joy. Even when we acknowledge that we aren’t ready for what is coming, for the realm that is promised, for the kingdom we hope for. We admit we have fallen short; we confess that we are wrapped up in ourselves and in things that don’t last; we admit that our watchful waiting has fallen by the wayside. And yet, in this season, there is joy. And we have a sense that we can start all over again, because "Company Is Coming."

Sermons In This Series

  1. This Place Is A Mess! - 11/29/2020
  2. Clean-up Crew - 12/6/2020
  3. Deck the Halls - 12/13/2020
  4. Waiting on the Threshold - 12/20/2020
  5. Welcoming the Guest - 12/24/2020
  6. Enjoying the Company - 12/27/2020
  7. Living the Celebration - 1/3/2021