Opportunity Detail

Communion Stewards

Communion Stewards do work that is more closely related to that of the Levites of old than anything else we do in modern church! Handling the bread and cup that will symbolize to us the Body and Blood of Christ is a holy task, and merits a prayerful, reverent approach. Duties include: Preparing the communion elements (bread, grape juice) for the Lord’s Supper. This involves preparing the bread, chalice and individual cups and trays and setting the table. As a communion steward you will also assist the pastor in serving this holy meal. Finally, after worship clearing the table and cleaning the paten, chalice, and trays. Reserve remaining bread and juice for taking to the home-bound or reverently consume it. No bread or juice should be put in a trash can or poured down the drain. If disposal is necessary, return it to the ground outside. Ask the pastor for details.

Opportunity Details:

Preference Area: Worship
Days of the Week: Sun
Role: Upfront